When am I going to play ?

Super-Seniors (MS65-80, WS65-75) start from Tuesday with finals on Thursday or Friday, depending of the size of the draw. Play time is mostly in the morning and early afternoon. Mixed/doubles and consolation planned to start on Wednesday.


Young-Seniors and Seniors (MS35-60, WS35-60) are scheduled to play like this:


MS35&WS35: starting Friday afternoon with finals on Sunday.

MS40-45, WS40-45: starting Thursday with finals on Sunday.

MS50/55/60: starting Wednesday/Thursday with finals on Sunday.

WS50/55/60: depending on draw size starting Thursday/Friday with finals on Sunday. 


Players 35+ to 60+ are scheduled to play in the late afternoon and evening hours during the week. Mixed and doubles to be played Friday evening to Sunday.